Getting the Fresh into Fresh Fitness Foods

Photo of Fresh Fitness Muscle Gain Foods


Photo of Fresh Fitness Muscle Gain Foods Photography shot in London
Fresh Fitness Foods Muscle Gain Menu Food Photography

With a name like Fresh Fitness Foods, you need to make sure your food photography stands up to it and so our whole approach with this recent project was to make the food look prticularly fresh, of course.

Fresh Fitness Foods are a relatively new food company that create taylor made menus specifically for their clients requirement. Of coures, as the name suggests, they are mostly taylored to the fitness industry, so whether you’re just trying to get trim, or build up serious muscle bulk, they will come up with a menu to suit you, then deliver it fresh to your door, every day. What a great concept!

 Dessert food photography LondonHealthy bvreakfast photographyVegetable tortilla with healsthy salad, Photography by London food photographer

 Tofu and greens food photography by London Food PhotographerFalaffel food photography London PhotographerHealthy chicken lunch food photography

They recently approached us with a view of requiring a whole range of photography, not just for their new website but for online, print media and social media too of course.

Due to the amount of photography required, we had to get through each day so we neeeded fairly standardised lighting with just a little tweaking between shots. Keeping it relatively simple meant menat we could deliver the numbers. Shooting a variety of images from individual snacks, to ranges of whole menu plans, sometimes in the delivery containers, sometimes on plates.

By using a soft overall fill light then a strong side light we were able to achieve this and get some good contrast as well as saturation in the images which certainly helped bring out the freshness in the food photography.

High Protein food photography London
Fresh Fitness Foods, High Protein food photography

The end results was a happy client with a healthy repertoire of photography images to add to their arsenal to use to help market their concept further.