Christmas Card 2017

Behind the scenes

As usual, Christmas crept up on me pretty quickly again and I realised I better get my Christmas card shot pretty darn quickly if I’m to stand any chance of getting it printed and sent out in time.

Fortunately, being close to Portobello Road was a big help as far as propping and inspiration was concerned and a quick walk down there gave me the idea of a nice moody mulled wine shot, with recipe of course.

Grabbing the ingredients was easy, a few spices from the spice shop and some Fern tree branches for affect. I already had suitable glasses and a rustic table top at the studio.

So here’s the set up. Lit with one light, a little silver reflector and all the props, including a little sprinkling of snow of course and we were ready to go.

The finished shot, all ready to go to print. Apart from converting to CMYK of course.


Mulled wine Christmas Card

And here are the behind the scenes images of the set up.  Very simple, one light with a little reflection from a silver card.

No need to overcomplicate lighting.

Behind the scenes shot 1
Behind the scenes shot 2